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'Nurreegoo' - The Art and Life of Ron Hurley 1946 - 2002
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Honouring Indigenous artist Ron Hurley
ABC Radio Drive Program

The late, great Ron Hurley was one of the
first Aboriginal artists to consummate the
marriage between Aboriginal and Western
Art. A proud Aboriginal man, Ron dedicated
his life to his homelands in Queensland and
his Aboriginal culture. His art could be seen
in various places around Brisbane and there
will soon be an unveiling of his artwork at
the new parliament building.

His daughter Angelina Hurley is a Jagerra,
Mununjali and Gooreng Gooreng woman and
came in to share a little bit about her father
and his work.

Duration: 10min 5sec
Broadcast: Thu 6 Jul 2017, 3:00pm
Published: Thu 6 Jul 2017, 6:07pm


The Catalogue
'Nurreegoo' - The Art and Life of Ron
Hurley 1946 - 2002

Bruce McLean, Mike Colman, Michael
Bryce, Warren Palmer, Matt Tobin,
Angelina Hurley, 76 pages paperback
colour and black & white

This publication highlights Hurley’s
distinguished career as one of the
early leaders of urban Aboriginal art
and accompanies the exhibition
at the Gallery of Modern Art
(8 August – 25 October 2009)
curated by Bruce McLean, Associate
Curator, Indigenous Australian Art.

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