RON HURLEY 1946 - 2002
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'Nurreegoo' - The Art and Life of Ron Hurley 1946 - 2002
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'Nurreegoo' - The Art and Life of Ron Hurley 1946 - 2002

Nurreegoo (pronounced nar-ree-goo) is a Gooreng Gooreng word, the meaning of which encompasses all areas practiced within the arts. It is the word for used for Corroboree, Entertainment, and Dance. As everyone who knew him knows Ron Hurley was not only a visual artist, he was an entertainer. Ronís work and knowledge of the arts, culture and history was vast, spanning across all media and arts practices.

This highly anticipated and long awaited retrospective exhibition will be taking place at the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia. Ron is being showcased as Queenslands Indigenous artist as part of the Q150 Celebrations.

The exhibition will be in place from 8 August 2009 to 25 October 2009. The official launch of the exhibition and accompanying catalogue will be held on Saturday 12 September 2009.